What I have added to my wardrobe

When it comes to clothes I am being more strict with myself, but still allow myself the joy of buying items, but that I can add to what I have already got.

This month I ordered a few things from Shein, a pair of wide leg jeans, a baseball jacket and a set of pyjamas.

I love these jeans and they had to be taken up because they were very long, but my mum took care of that for me and they are very comfortable Not washed them yet but got some good wear out of them. Not worn them today being the beginning of the week because my son likes to play in the garden, and so didn’t want them to get mucky.

This is my baseball jacket, and it is lovely. It is comfortable and good fabric and not stopped wearing it. It is a shame it didn’t have pockets, but I can live with that and very easy to wear.

I couldn’t find the exact ones from Shein but they do have so many varieties and for good prices. The ones are similar to the ones I purchased, not worn them yet because I need to shave my legs, but when I do can’t wait to wear them.

They are so #chick and nice material. I also bought a sleeveless shirt which is a must, from TU Sainsbury’s for £12 and fits well.

I will be doing another what I like to wear, showing my sleeveless shirts on my Youtube channel Typical London Gal Carrie Holmes as I love them, and love sharing my love of clothes.

As I saw it coming up the escalator I knew I had to buy. I did try it on and got it in a 12 and can’t wait to wear it.

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Carrie X


Rain days what I like to wear and looking to add to my wardrobe

I am sitting here in my Mickey Mouse jumper and leggins. It was so rainy yesterday that it didn’t make sense to dress up and so is why I am in casual clothes. I tend to wear these types of clothing because they are comfortable and clothes are important to how you feel.

There are items in my wardrobe I have still not worn because of the weather, but have a bag full of clothes to give away which I know I am never going to wear and making me be wise when buying more clothes, in that I am being realistic in my choices.

Having a bit of a declutter helps this and I don’t need thousands of items, just enough so I feel good and can be worn in all weathers.

I like to make sure I have a good coat for rainy days and I wear a different coat at the weekend to the one I wear in the week, and I wasn’t doing this consciously but it just worked out this way, and I do like to have a coat but not worn that at all this year as I do like my jackets.

The Jackets I wear is one from Debenhams and was a Christmas gift and a Black one which is in the picture below and was from Very and was one that was styled by Michelle Keegan.

Then there is footwear. The pair I have been religiously wearing is my ones from TU Sainsbury’s and jogged in these too, and I just slide them on and go, and lasted for two years so far and so comfortable.

For inspiration I do look on Pinterest and watch Sheerluxe, and love trying different looks and love wearing oversized clothes, like fleeces and jumpers, and looking for a new pair of wide leg jeans and found a lovely white top on Etsy that I want to invest in and a baseball jacket. I will show these once I have purchased and ready for the warmer weather.

Check Shein they have a lot of options, and not this blog is not sponsored but is through personal choice.

So I will share more and let me know what you like to wear on a rainy day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


My Fashion Ideas for 2023

I love having a huge wardrobe of different types of clothing because I get bored with wearing the same thing all of the time, and seeing clothes that not been worn finding ways to wear them and not be a waste of money.

Some items could be better and because I have lost weight I need to down size so going to have a clear of items no longer my size as there are some new items I have seen which I will, I hope, fit and suit me better. I lost weight because I was diagnosed with having type 2 diabetes, and so had to really watch my diet and get control of my weight.

It means letting some more items go as i did a monthly declutter challenge and it will feel so good and so going to plan to get it ready and today as I write this blog it is starting the weather to be warm and so want to get my wardrobe ready for the change of season and look forward to spring and be good to not wear anymore layers and have less clothing on to allow my skin to breath.

Here is my fashion vision board for 2023:

I want to grow my hair and begin to style it a lot more rather than putting it up and been wanting to have my hair plated. I am going to do an order from Shein in May and it has been good not spending every month on clothing. It has given me the chance to look at what I have already got to style with and what items will complete the looks I want to go for, for this year.

A capsule wardrobe is a must because you aren’t searching to find something to wear. Dressing for different occasions, for example it will be the King’s coronation and want to plan my outfit this occasion as it may only be one I see and then I am away at the weekend at the end of April to see friends so going to make an effort for that and hopefully can finally wear less clothes, but living in England you just never know.

So have you planned your looks this year, let me know and I would encourage to a vision board on Pinterest to help.

Many thanks for watching

Carrie X


Editing my wardrobe

So I have been doing a monthly challenge of decluttering, check out my blog site: https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com and so I have been sorting my clothes out and I thought I didn’t own a pair of jeans and I do, two pairs.

Editing my wardrobe has helped find pieces that I knew I had but forgotten where I had put them and so put them into my wardrobe in my bedroom and not stuffed in a draw doing nothing.

Check out my Pinterest of my fashion vision board for 2023:

This helps with saving money on laundry because I have enough clothes in my wardrobe that I can wear for the week or month and do laundry around once a week, not that I like my clothes to smell, but do it in batches so anything I need to wear in the week to be washed first and anything that can wait, I will do just that and wash other clothes in the next batch.

I like to have plenty of bottoms and today find a pair of trousers for £10 in H&M so going to go back to see if they are still there and have them taken up, and get me out of wearing leggins and are smart or wear casually with a set of pumps.

I love mix and match, because I always having something to wear and anything that for me no longer goes they get donated or if worn then recycled, unless it is underwear because of hygiene. I don’t like waste and it helps me to donate to others. Thank you to those who created Charity shops because I often shop from them, if I feel the item will go with the clothes I have already got. I am still trying not to buy anymore clothes, and being strict with myself when it comes to buying clothes.

I do have my mind on some new summer clothes, but kept them in my basket and waiting because the prices can change on clothes. It often is good to wait.

I want to easy wearing clothes but with style included and I bought new pair of shoes this weekend as I may have a bit of work outside, I will find out tomorrow but its because it is a nursery they have to have a pair of just inside and not a pair that you have been outdoors and worn.

These will be great to have as they are soft wearing and can be worn with leggings, trousers, with skirts, so not wasted money and was only £8 from ASDA. I like shopping from big stores, but have to be careful because I have before got carried away, and just because it low price doesn’t mean I should have it, but what purpose will it serve.

I see fleeces on sale, and I look them say, “I have enough” and want different items and not have thousands of fleeces, and ready for the season to change and wear less.

I like buying clothes and finding different items but if I don’t have the money and I need my money for other things, then I don’t, and seeing my savings go up is more of a buzz.

I do like new items though and so going to concentrate on saving to wait for the warmer weather to see what I have for that season and if I have the space.

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Carrie X


No Spending on clothes have I given in?

Yes I needed new leggins because I have pairs that have holes in because I live in them and Sainsbury’s were doing two pairs for £10 and so was a bargain. This doesn’t mean I am going to buy more clothes because I had a setback but in fact made me see that it has helped me to save and so will minimise my spending on clothes and buy my essentials, but not on anything else that I have enough of. I am doing a decluttering challenge this month (March 2023) and going to a sort through my clothes and going to take them to a recycling bin, near where my son goes swimming and so going to minimise and do a inventory of what I actually got and that I can let go of. This is called disowning.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

I am going to be honest I hate throwing stuff away especially clothes, so glad that my clothes can be recycled or taken to a charity shop, accept items like underwear and clothes with holes in.

I have uploaded a new RESET video of sorting out my clothes, and so check it via this link here: https://youtu.be/J_-8E30jT2M

Doing financial challenges have helped with cutting buying clothes, because it makes me conscious of what I have already got, and what I have got that have still not be worn, and I say to myself “You have enough”. This is not depriving, because I want to have a new pair of jeans as I love Denim and so versatile and that is what look when I buy clothes, and if it will compliment and be worn with what I already have.

So let me know how you are when it comes to buying clothes, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment below, and remember if you’d like to be alertd of more blogs on this site to follow me and like.

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Carrie X


How I use Pinterest for inspiration/Creating a vision board

If you didn’t know I am not buying any more clothes this year and I have been tempted but told myself “No I have enough” and it has stopped me from buying clothes.

However I do like to do a vision board for my fashion each year and this year is no exception. The thing is I get bored with wearing the same thing, so I have to mix it up and also I don’t mind wearing the same clothes on consecutive days, if they are clean then why not?

I do go for comfort but I like to have a style and love what I have in my wardrobe and as a kid I never liked wearing trainers and always looked good on others but not me, but how much of that has changed? I love them. I like the fact that trainers have become very on trend, even though I don’t follow them, its if, they look good and I feel confident in the clothes and footwear then I will wear it.

Here is my Fashion vision board for 2023 I have created for this year so far using Pinterest:

Of course we are heading into the spring and looking forward to the warm weather and wearing less layers and so I am sure my vision will change but still use the above pins save of what I can wear to adapt to this next season. I want to wear my skirts and dresses I have and my favourite tops.

It also means I can wear my Denim Jackets. These last a lifetime and I love having a few in my wardrobe and I do wear in the winter, but you don’t see them as they are being worn under a coat or a jacket and so be good to wear them alone with a top underneath and would not feel right in not having these. If you’d like me to show my Denim Jackets I have then let me know. You can leave a comment below.

It also depend on what you are doing. I wear fitness bottoms and leggins with a basic top and jumper because my son loves to play sport and so I have to wear clothes in the week and weekends to tailor that.

I do love a cross over bag and invest in good knit wear cardigans or jacket and invested in a few last year from a charity shop and H&M. I love buying items from Charity shops as they do often have different pieces and hidden treasures.

Pinterest is a brilliant platform to create a vision board and carry around with you on your phone, and develop your style and why not have categories too and is good for inspiration and getting the most out of your wardrobe, and enjoy what you wear. It is free and great way to organize your clothes.

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How I plan what I am going to wear?

When it comes to fashion I like to plan what I am going to wear and what I want to wear. I have my workout clothes because I did some exercise using a ten minute routine on Youtube, and love the pieces I have got on. I like to look on Pinterest and have a vision board of styles I want to use for myself and feel good in them.

If you haven’t read my other blog NO more spending on clothes then I suggest you do as I am not going to buy anymore clothes this year and will be talking more about this in future blogs if you’d like to do the same. I would like a few more baseball caps as I love wearing these and I recently invested in a new hat from Groupon (see picture below):

I got a black one and I have worn it and a great investment piece, but not going to buy anymore clothes. I am going to do a declutter because I have clothes that are too big for me now, that I have lost weight. This is not to show off but recommended to do a declutter and enjoy the clothes I want to keep and already have.

Don’t get me wrong I have been tempted by seeing special offers on Groupon, H&M, TU Sainsbury’s, Ely’s which is a high-end store and M&S and Amazon, because they are my favourites stores, but held myself back and when I get the urge to buying new items, ask myself, do I really need that item? and answer I have enough. This has stopped me and doing no spend days helps too. Check out my blogs on my site: https://everyonecanbuildacastle.com and my Youtube channel linked at the bottom of this blog about it and not buying clothes this year will help save me money and so seeing the difference in my spending habits is driving me forward and not want another Jumper that I love buying and vest tops. I have enough. You try it honestly it does work.

So I do have a walking in closet thanks to my mum and step dad and I will my rotate my clothes and use my wardrobe and wear what I have in my room first and then once an item has been worn, I will wash it and then put it into my walk in closet to change with an item I haven’t worn for a while, and put this in my wardrobe in my room to change it up and not lasted me a week but a month, and do this every Sunday before a new week.

I was inspired by @trinnylondon and she plans her outfits especially when she is travelling and I thought what I good idea and do the same each week, because my son loves playing rugby or football, so need to wear clothes for that and I like to exercise in the morning so it has to be practical.

Check out Pinterest to see my fashion vision i have for this year 2023.

I like mixing casual clothes with smart clothes and getting inspiration helps get my clothes together and I like the clothes I have now. I like colour and pattern, and use basic tops for layering or with a set of fitness bottoms as said for playing sport with my son and adapting the looks so I can also wear them in the Spring and Summer.

I you get inspired too sort out your wardrobe to plan on what you like to wear then do, I write these blogs for that reason. I like having a capsule wardrobe and check out Youtube for ideas too, when it comes to fashion and styling, to join me if you’d like to stop buying anymore clothes. You can follow me on this blog and be kept up to date with my blogs on this site by subscribing. Please click like if this blog has helped you.

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NO more spending on clothes

I have decided to challenge myself for 2023 by doing No Spend January and not buy anymore clothes. I need to have another sort through, because I do have items that I haven’t worn yet.

Of course there is going to be temptation, because of sales. Many retailers will be getting rid of their Christmas stock, but I have plenty and so having a sort through I don’t need anymore.

I do need more underwear, but I see these as an essential item, but not going to spend a fortune and going to get rid of some pairs first before I buy replacements. Any clothes that are in good condition I will donate, because it stops landfill, and someone else’s junk is another persons pleasure.

I would like to have thousands tops and cardigans especially and jumpers, but I know this will make me feel bogged down, and life isn’t about how much you have, or having a huge closet but how they make you feel and can they go with many items I already have and will last me for a long time. I don’t tend to buy a lot of summer clothes because how long summer actually lasts, and been a long time since I have been on holiday during this period, and really do you need a load of shorts? Do you need a load of t-shirts?

Some I know may say yes, because you love to buy new clothes, but how many will you actually where all of the time?

I do film on my Youtube channels videos of what I like to wear, check it out The Typical London Gal Carrie Holmes.

I will report on how it goes and why not join me, and if you like these blogs then remember you can follow me and then you will be notified of my blogs on this site and never miss one.

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Carrie X

Typical London Gal


Wardrobe full of sparkles

I love this time of year to wear sparkles, but not just for Christmas but for other occasions too, and going through my wardrobe I still have items that are sparkly not worn so my fashion goal is to wear them.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I don’t really go out these days and so Christmas is the best time for me to wear them, unless next I have a holiday where I can wear them for an evening, and going to wear one of my sparkling tops on Christmas day and make a bit of an effort rather than wearing leggins and jumper which has become my daily attire.

Plus also not suitable for playing football with my son or rugby.

The other thing is finding the right underwear and I find underwired bra’s really uncomfortable so I use elasticated bra’s. So will be having a look to see if I can get one and wear underneath and still have some sort of support.

I do have jumper though that are sparkle and I wear them a lot but for Christmas I do want to wear the items that are sparkling to wear something different. I am all about getting the most out of clothes, and this how I am going to do that.

I have just decided that I am going to film a Christmas of what I wore, as I really do enjoy this type of content and helps me again to wear all the clothes I have and enjoy the clothes I have in my wardrobe.

So, do you like sparkles? You can leave a comment below and what way are you getting the most out of your wardrobe? I would like to know.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal


Wearing what I have got and plans for my wardrobe

I am trying my hardest to not buy anymore clothes, but saw some deals on Groupon and bought a tracksuit, leggins and a jumper. That for me is it but if I could ask for anything for Christmas it would be a pair of jeans.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

If I don’t receive these then I am going to wait to see if I can get some if there are January sales anywhere, as Christmas for me is a chilled day and letting the worries go for one day, but I will make an effort for the festive season I am just going to concentrate on clothes I have got and have items I still haven’t worn.

Next Friday I am going to have a good clear out, because there are items that I have worn lot that I need to let go and have shoes I haven’t worn, and so before I buy anything more clothes going to minimise my wardrobe and go through what items I could do with.

I have started a new habit that I am sorting my clothes and have everything I plan to wear in the week in my small wardrobe in my bedroom on Sundays, for the week ahead and take note of what I choose on Notion to help me select them.

So far this has helped a lot.

I’d like to hear to how you organize your clothes. Please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal


Getting the most out of your clothes

I have gone through a change and going through my wardrobe realised I don’t need anymore and so I waiting for a tracksuit to come and that is going to be it for my clothes and feel good with the pieces I have got.

When it comes to having a good wardrobe think about what you do each day. I tend to go to casual most days as my son loves to play football or rugby, and so there is no point in wearing clothes that are more dressy in case they get dirty and don’t stretch.

I am never super scruffy, they have to be comfortable and get a few days use out of them and if I only wear an item once then I don’t put in the wash I will put it back into my wardrobe or I will wear it for continuous days.

I have now decided that each Sunday I will set up my clothes I wish to wear for the week, and what I don’t stays in there. I know we may not have the luxury in doing so, but if you do it is worth it and I feel so less worried about what to wear, and doing this has made me see I don’t need anymore.

Having a Capsule wardrobe is good, because you can have fun with it. It can be colourful, but it depends on your style.

I love colour, light colours and dark and that they wash well. I would like to wear tailored clothes, and do have items, but saving these for when I go out somewhere and when my son doesn’t want to play sports.

I want to put together a new fashion vision on Pinterest and good place to look at different styles and here is one I have created before and how you can do the same.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal


Good Basics Help build a wardrobe

What are basics?

They are plain tops, tracksuits without prints and must haves to layer and on their own in the summer. I at the moment wearing a black plain V-top and a fleece. These clothes give me comfort but still like to have some sort of style.

It’s a must that I have a set of basics that I can wear for different weathers and always have something to wear. I vision what an item may look like, and what it will go with that I already have in my wardrobe, and is this my style or not.

I will often wear them as a night clothes too and I love clothes like that. Thinking of that, does this sound like I am lazy? Well I can be, but I like to get the most out of the clothes and versatile for me is to love and enjoy what I wear and have different items to make a good capsule wardrobes and with Basics you can down or up, and just need to a pair of boots that can be worn casually or for going out in and dress up.

Anything that can be worn all year round and for any purpose is worth investing and I am not really into wearing plain tops all of the time, but great for adding when I just need to put something on and can wear when playing football or rugby with my son and doesn’t matter if they get dirty.

The best places are stores like H&M, Amazon, TU Sainsbury’s and even online stores like Freemans or Very.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


7 ways you can Save Money on Fashion

Hello and thank you for visiting if you are new to this blog site. Today I am talking about Saving money on fashion.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com
  1. Save for the item and set a budget of how much you are willing to spend on that item
  2. Avoid store cards, from experience they can run up a lot of debt and so if I don’t have the money I don’t buy it, and points/loyalty cards are better
  3. If you have clothes that no longer fit that are in good condition then why not sell items or pay for them to be repaired
  4. Wait for sales, a lot of retailers start to change their fashion certain parts of the year like as soon as it begins to get nearer September they will have a sale on summer items and start setting up items for Autumn
  5. Invest in clothes that can be worn all year around, this why I set up this blog because I like to invest in clothes that last a long time and be worn all year round
  6. Create wish lists and I keep things, when shopping online in the basket and see if I can get the same item on the high street for less and if I can’t find the items, I will check online and save for when I can invest on that particular list
  7. Go through what you want in your wardrobe and go through items you want to let go of and build a capsule wardrobe. I know many people give this tip, but for me I buy what will go with what I already have and have plenty of outfits that go together

It is all about being happy about what you wear and how it makes you feel when you put it on, and so taking time to invest in a good wardrobe is how you can save and budget and nothing goes to waste.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal


New In H&M Autumn and Winter Fashion

Yes H&M have their Autumn and Winter fashion out, not sure and seen some good pieces, like long sleeved tailored shirts, knitted wear and I was hoping they were having a sale on some of the fashion from summer, but I am going to keep checking.

I did a haul video featuring a couple of T-Shirts from H&M, check it out here: https://youtu.be/aECm8xphzPQ

This sweatshirt is great item and I love these types, because they can last a long time and never go out of style. I invested in a few of their fleeces and jumpers, because they are good quality and for the price is totally worth it. This one above is currently £12.99, just bare in mind the prices can change. I am not sponsored, I just really love their fashion.

Here is another jumper that i’d like to invest in, because it looks good quality and I love the collar and can be worn with many things, such as leggings and a high knee boots, jeans and a pair of smart black trousers. I love hoops and this one is £24.99, and will last a long time.

Here is a pair of Boots that I have discovered and be brilliant with the sweatshirt and jumper above and smartens the outfit up. Casual/Smart.

I love these types of Boots because they are brilliant for all weathers and a good long lasting piece and I need some new boots and so I will checking out their footwear. These currently £34.99.

Then there are these Boots and are a bit more money compared to the ones above but again a pair worth investing as they can last a lifetime, just remember to get them mended, and use boots holders to help them stay in shape. They are £99.99.

Then there is this short cardigans and my go to item in the winter. I like to have a few cardigans because they are so easy to wear and will be buying a new one and this one again good for the whole year and will last a lot of Autumn’s and Winters.

This is £17.99.

So they do have a lot of good pieces and I will visit again and try and do a new shop with me. I will let you know if I do.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal


Fashion Diary/Finding the right bag

Hello and welcome! In this blog I talk about bags, because like my obsession with notebooks, clothes and shoes, and Youtube, etc etc, I love a bag.

For me they are essential item, as I do carry bits with me that are important like my house keys, phone, a notebook and so need a bag that is deep and structured with pockets or just deep enough to carry a lot.

So where to buy?

Well today I looked in TK Maxx and they do a load of bags that I could live in the store and have so many different styles. They are pricey but from experience are good quality.

This one is priced at £49.99, but this price can change. I am not sponsored by any of the retailers I mentioned. The stores I choose is of personal choice.

I love Amazon, they have so many retailers to buy from and have a grey Rucksack from them and love it to bits and bought it about 4 years ago and still good quality.

This is the exact one I have and not surprised it is still available, as it is so worth it. Currently this is priced at £20.39. It has so many inside pockets and use it when I take my son on trips to London and if I manage to get away this summer this rucksack i have will come with me.

I have two rucksacks like this and would be a place I’d go to when buying a bag and know they are of good quality, and not had any issues so far, and the relationship with Amazon, which they don’t know about it for 20 years, can’t really remember, but love it and is the go to place if you can’t find what you want on the high street.

The other place is Avon. I have not bought a bag for while but I will checking them out because I would always buy a bag from them and do plan to do a haul very soon. Then their is Wish, they are platform that have many bags and other products and had to take off their APP, because I became obsessed but do have some really good designs and different kinds.

It’s all about what you want to get out of it, and how it serves you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal.


Fashion Diary/New Finds on the High Street

Hello! So to kick off I am going to begin with H&M I bought a new pair of Animal print pumps and been wanting a pair and in browsing in the store, this is the one in Centrecourt Wimbledon, and had to buy them and were £17.99. So soft and comfortable that I fear wearing because they have a nice trim on them and feel so good on your feet.

They also had a white sleeveless button shirts. I always invest because they can be worn all year round, and my go to because they are just a staple piece I love to have, because they just easy to wear and great investment. They can worn with a Cami top underneath with the shirt open, you can tie them up at the front and then in the winter a cardigan with a vest top underneath, and I just my favourite type of clothing.

They also had a some lovely animal print shirts that I was a bit weary of wearing as them big quiet shirt but since thinking about it, I could make it work and is a versatile piece.

Online this top is on sale for £10 originally £17.99 but run out of stock so very popular the great thing is I can save it in my wish list and have selected them to notify me when they are back in stock. Just remember this could be different in the stores, and so going to see if they are still there on sale in my local H&M and am planning to go up in Oxford Street as they may have more items, and different pieces if I do I will let you know.

I have been in search of a new bag and checked Oliver Bonas in Wimbledon and they have some really nice bags. They are quite high in price, but worth investing and I love treating myself in store because their dresses and accessories are lovely and love my Scarf and T-Shirt I bought from them and lovely material.

I love colour and is priced £49.50, which is high but I don’t mind if it is good quality.

They also had some nice dresses and they do maxi style which I’d love to buy but end up being too long, but they do short dresses too and love the colours of their clothes and would love to treat myself to one of the their dresses.

This is a lovely style and looks like it is made with light material. It is £69.50 but again can be a item you wear in the colder months, with a pair of skin colour tights, with a pair of ballet style shoes and in the summer sandals or even with a white or pink trainer.

I love wearing colourful clothes including dresses. Just bear in mind that the items in store aren’t always the same in the stores. If you see it invest because of how quickly they change their stock around.

So let me know what you have found on the high street then leave a comment below of what are your staple items you like you wear, that can be worn all year round, as I love recommendations. I am due to go to TKMaxx as I love their skincare items aswell as their fashion and using some at the minute, which I have shared on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg and notebooks, because they do nice bags too and have a good range, so going to see which one I will buy from Oliver Bonas or TKMaxx and will update you.

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Fashion Diary/sales and special offers

Today i paid a visit to New Look and bought a pair of shoes and having a style this I have had before they will be super comfortable. I don’t shop often in New Look, when I lived in Bognor Regis, where there was a new look too, I’d be in there everyday.

Now being someone who loves a T-Shirt they did have a deal where you could by two t-shirts for £16, but I prefer H&M, as I like the material better. I also bought a T-Shirt which I did plan to get in Oliver Bonas and it so lovely and was a bit pricey but being someone who doesn’t buy a lot of items in that store because of the price of their clothes, it was a nice treat. Stores will be getting ready for the Autumn again, and so they will be having sales soon on their summer products.

It is good to keep on monitoring the stores you love because I always check their sales and if it is worth it. I do budget, and write a list a of items I would like to have and I will save my money in doing so. I am notice the price of items going up and so it is getting in whilst it a low for that store.

H&M have a membership scheme which I been saying no too, and thought I had already done that but I hadn’t but it is worth it if you shop in there often. Yet I don’t want to make it an excuse to keep going in there. Yet if it saves more money in doing the membership it could be worth it. I will report back.

With Newlook I did have a store card but no longer because it got me in debt, and got tempted everytime I would pass the store. You do have to be careful with store cards because it becomes too tempting, and not needed. Now I don’t have one and will not own one again, I do feel a sense of relief.

Price doesn’t always match quality and so do your maths and how long and often will you will wear it. I haven’t checked out TU Sainsbury’s so I will check them out probably next week, and take a look.

It is officially the summer and time to go through our summer clothes if you haven’t already, and have a good sort out. I rotate my clothes and wear everything I own.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diaries/New items I saw in H&M UK

Going into shopping mail near to my home, I checked out H&M and they have more pieces of clothing that caught my eye, and plan to go back to.

This blog is not sponsored!

So T-Shirts, and I am wearing a t-shirt from H&M now from the Women’s department and found this one that I hope I can go back for. Their prices like many stores, have gone up, but because they are great the wear and all year round, they are for me worth the investment. Price is currently £12.99, but they may change the price, and so best to check the prices in store and online. Often the price online can be different.

As it is Summer they did have a lot of shorts in different colours, and I need a new pair of denim shorts, because my current pair are too big for me now so going to invest in a new pair. They just great to have, as in the winter I can still wear them indoors.

The ones the picture above are £12.99, again I did notice the price with online compared to the store and seems cheaper to buy online, but then their delivery, so I wouldn’t order online and buy in store, should they have my size. I now fit a medium, and so will be going back and they had like silk shorts too, if you like clothes in that kind of material. So worth having a good look around if you need any shorts, for the summer.

They did have a really nice knitted short sleeve dress, like this one below and again I want to go back and try on. These are great for all seasons, the only thing is washing them, sometimes in my experience, they can go out of shape, if not washed properly via the clothing label, so do check do a 30 degrees wash if it says to, and see how it washes.

The one I found in store, was felt very light, as often they can be heavy but not the one I saw, so think it is a definite one to try on before I buy.

They did have some animal print shirts and dresses. I love Animal print and great for all year round.

H&M are brilliant for having long-lasting pieces and the often do sales and so check online if not in store.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary, Living T-Shirts and leggins

Hello and welcome! It is no understatement that I love fashion and looking at what people (mainly women) are wearing and see if what they’re wearing will suit me.

I at this very moment wearing fitness bottoms/leggins with a pink polar neck and these are the clothes I love and being casual. Jubilee was great and I did film in Day in a life video to document what I was wearing, and will be uploaded soon.

Here is a pair I have posted before and wanted to talk about them again and I love them. So comfortable and love the colour and as I have dropped a dress size, yippy, are a size 14 and obsessed with them.

I have a few pairs, hanging in a closet in my home, and live in them. I am not being sponsored, but if Sainsbury’s read this blog or find it, then I would love to. Hint Hint.

Then there is Shein and their T-Shirts and along with TK Maxx, again not sponsored, just are great and I have to hold myself back, because they have so many. Amazon are always my go to for fashion, and there is a lot, and can become addictive. Again I have to rein myself in, but great for many things, like leggins and t-shirts.

I feel this is relevant as we did have the Platinum Jubilee, and one I have put into my basket not to buy right away, but to store for a future purchase.

This is an example of the T-Shirts available on amazon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Dressing for the Jubilee

Yes I know! Sorry if I a talking a lot about the Jubilee, but I am really excited about it and already picked up my clothes for this week and so if you want to celebrate but feel you have nothing to wear then check these clothes out, that I have put together from the High Street and online.

This is from #lightinabox at £29.50, and similar to the dress I will be wearing and can be worn at a lovely summer wedding too, and could also be good for a summer holiday, day time or as evening wear.

This dress is from Debenhams and I love #polkadots and is priced at £17.50, this is the online, and can be worn with skin colour or black or navy blue tights, for when it gets colder, and a summer dress too. I picture a basket bag and nude shoes.

I love a patterned top and I have a black top just like that, and great for all year round as if you work in a office, and summer and also for the festive season. This is from Lightinabox again at £19.79

This is from #newlook and a store I love to look into, in store and bought many clothes from them that I have loved wearing. I love putting my money into the retailer/fashion industry, and invest in clothes that make me love, and on a budget. I did have a store card, but I like reward cards rather than a bank card. I really wish that Newlook did one. This top is £18.00. This is the online price, so bear that in mind, as some prices can differ when purchased in store.

Now lets talking about shoes and accessories. I have seen these boots and very stylish and makes fashion fun.

This is from the online shop, #vencano and I love the pattern and great for going to concerts, with a white dress, or a pair of white shorts. These are at the price off: £32.85. (These prices are what they were when this blog was written and so may change)

These are gorgeous, and are from Lightinabox at £25.82, and great pair to wear for the Jubilee and for a wedding, and again for the festive cheer. Not good if it’s rainy, but for good summer days and indoors, lovely pair. If well looked after can last a long time.

Then there are bags. I looked in TK Maxx today (when this blog was written) at their bags from Dune and they have lovely ones, that I am going to invest in. Here are some I found for the Queen’s Jubilee, and for other occasions too.

This is from Lightinabox at £14.07 and looks so stylish.

With light in a box, they do different type of items that you don’t get on the high street. Since my card was hacked though it has made me weary in buying on online, but I would love to buy some items from them, as if you like festival type clothes, or on holiday, then it is worth investing.

So, I hope you enjoy the Jubilee and hoping we can wear our dresses and I am going to make the effort for it and I will film what I am wearing, as Thursday I am going to put on a dress, and Friday and then Saturday. I am doing another week in a life video for my Youtube channel and so will show what I wear in that video.


Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/New Finds in TU Sainsbury’s and M&S

Last Sunday I took a trip to M&S and TU Sainsbury’s, and found some really lovely pieces and bought a pair of fitness bottoms from Sainsbury’s, and there were more items I want to invest in.

These items have been selected because these items are going to last for many years and I like a good tie shirt, great for Spring and summer, and saw it in Sainsbury’s but was on the wrong rack, but still caught my eye, as I have a printed version, that I bought a few year ago, and still I wear it, and washes really well.

These clothes will never go out of fashion and still be current, like the jumper I have selected that has stripes and love the colour of the stripes with the Baige background and be great to wear through out the different seasons. This was from M&S, along with the black animal print tracksuit. I did find another jump, but couldn’t find it on their site.

That is the thing with some clothes you find, in store aren’t all available online, but I will do a shop with me, and see if I can find the one I wanted to share. The tracksuit is lovely, and would wear it, but the jumper I saw would have been a good option too.

The T-Shirt is TU Sainsbury’s and love it. I very rarely buy plain t-shirts, it just my person preference. The one thing I miss not doing, is going to a music festival, as it be a great item to wear, but worn though out the year too. I picture a nice pair of leggins, jeans and even black or denim shorts. In the winter why not invest in a leather jacket and Baige coloured boots.

The fitness bottoms I did purchase, because I just love Sainsbury’s fitness bottoms. They had gone up on price, as they other pairs I have purchased were £16, but these were £18.

Then, I found these Sandals on M&S and I love square heals, and what is good about M&S, is that they do half sizes still,, and I find that some Size 5’s are too big, as I am a 4 and half.

I like shoes that look nice but are comfortable and can wear them without the fear of falling on my face, when wearing them.

So, I hope that you like these items and has in some way inspired you.

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Fashion Diary/Kids and parent matching fashion

I got this idea from watching Louise Pentland, and would post these types of images on Instagram, and decided that I want to see if I can buy matching outfits for me and my son.

Ok so the jumper isn’t a match, but were both in fitness clothes, brand Adidas, and wanted to use this to inspire other mothers, sons and daughters to do the same.

Sorry about the bare face I just don’t wear make up everyday to give my skin on my face a break from it. I wanted to have a bit of fun with styling me and Henry together and see some others on Pinterest (See below):

The store I bought our outfits from was from Sports Direct, and will look in H&M Kids and H&M adult clothes.

I know you can get Pyjamas that match, but like to do this for everyday fashion.

It doesn’t have to be expensive clothes and I still set a budget, and great way to get the most out of your clothes, and you can get others involved at all.

I remember when I was a secondary school, there were groups of girls, as I went to a girls school, would dress the same and so why not do this with you and your children.

If you already do this then I’d love to see photos and where your clothes are from. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Dressing for the weather when it is humid but rainy

When it comes to fashion it can be challenge when one day it is super warm then next minute humid, but rainy.

This is where hoods can be handy as I never carry an umbrella, but will wear a cap, winter hat when it is super cold or a hood. I love wearing a hooded fleece and invested some from Shein and H&M, and would love to get one from Help the Heroes charity website, and so going to invest in one this year. They are a bit pricy but because it going to a good cause I don’t mind spending more on a fleece as I will make sure they last a lifetime.

I am someone her invests in leggins and jumpers and vest tops. I wear these for everyday and for bedtime. I like to get my monies worth, and if they fit well, wash well and light and easy to wear then I will wear them to the end of days in this world.

These are from Shein, an online retailer that I discovered last year and love what I purchased from, but my bank account were hacked so now I am a bit dubious to buy anything else online, and would love to have own brand in these sort of clothes.

When it comes to vest tops and hoodies is that they are brilliant to layer up and invested in jumpers this year that I don’t need anymore but I live in them so I know buying jumpers as a long time investment, and worth the dosh spent.

What do you like to invest in when it comes to fashion? Please leave a comment below I would love for your feedback and what brands and stores have you have seen that has these items mentioned in this post. Recommendations truly welcome.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Casual style clothes

Hello and welcome to a new blog! I took a bit of a break being the Easter Holidays but now I am back and in this blog I talk about how I like the casual oversized clothes look along with fitness bottoms with trainers and knee high Boots.

This year I have really gotten into wearing casual sports clothes and have quite a few fitness bottoms from TU Sainsbury’s and would like to purchase more pairs. They are only £16 bit fit a treat but since buying my last pair I have gone down a dress size 14.

I have no special secret just been looking after my son and gotten into my love for walking again. This Easter Holiday I have done a lot and love black trainers from amazon and so comfortable. I am trying to stay away from ordering items from Amazon as my card was hacked into, but will look for alternatives once these are worn to search the high street for similar pairs.

I am in the need for of Knee high boots so going to save up for these. I will when I have a chance will check a pair out in TK Maxx, Sainsbury’s or Primark which I rarely buy from but do like to treat myself once a year. I don’t just buy any items because of the price tag but on items I actually need and on how long they last.

Building a wardrobe that you are happy with can take time, but when you always have something to wear you know you made the right choice and was worth the investment.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Clothes for Spring that can be worn when we have different weathers

When it comes to fashion I think Spring fashion to be lovely patterned tops and wearing ballet pump shoes and having florals.

Yet days where it is raining it is not always possible. So here are some items that you could wear that will be suitable for all weathers. Scroll across to see below.

I like items that I can put with a blazer, a jacket, or cardigan when its not too chilly but will be brilliant in a woolly jumper over the top.

Then shoes for me I live by my trainers and white pumps I have or a pair of Ballet shoes.

So what fashion do you like this time of year that you can wear still in different weathers I’d love for you to leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Etsy Fashion

With the weather keeps changing it can be tricky to workout what to wear. Last week in the UK it was so warm that I wore my shorts and now I in jeans a polar neck from Amazon, a heart patterned grey jumper, black jeans from Primark, a sports bra I bought a long time ago from I think amazon, and socks from a local charity shop.

I uploaded from my Youtube channel of “What I like to wear in a week”, and will be creating more content like that, as it really helps me get the most out of my clothes.

I been looking on Etsy for a change instead of amazon, shein and TK Maxx and see what fashionable items they had and here are my picks.

So the first picture is of a fleece for women, and I loved it because of the colour, and great with a pair of jeans, or shorts when it gets sunny and warm again, and the seller name is: IslaandIx and they have many different colours to choose from.

I came about these items via Youtube and like the white top showing above, and is image number 2, and straight away caught my eye and again can be worn with jeans and shorts, with a pair of boots or trainers and is by the retailer on Etsy called: Flocks2LocksSA

Then I looked at dresses. I do like a dress, I am not one to wear them all of the time, but like to add to my wardrobe, as they are one item, and one above is like a maxi dress and great with black tights and boots or a pair of trainers and be worn everyday. The seller is: QUATRIEME You can dress it up for warm weather with a pair of flips flops, and with the hooded fleece and white t-shirt.

I then found this casual everyday dress. This can be worn with pumps, some jewelry and flips flops. In the summer dress it up with a toe ring on your feet and ankle bracelet. It is by the seller: MagicStitchDesigns

So check them out. Sometimes when using Etsy the delivery charge can be quite high, so worth thinking about, but by using Etsy to build up a wardrobe, it makes a change and different from what you can get from the high street. Fashion is about what your personal style is.

I hope these blogs help you, and if you’d like to be kept updated of my blogs on this site then remember you can follow me, and so every time I share a blog on this site, you will be alerted.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Clothes for Mothers Day

Hello, it is the beginning and on Sunday coming it is Mothers Day and we lose an hour, as it is now officially Spring, but its not that weather yet where, even it has been nice and sunny, there is still a chill in the air.

This is from Shein and love checking out their fashion, and I am mad about jumpers and the casual working girl look, with a takeaway cup of coffee, when on the go. It can be worn with white trainers, pointy flat shoes or a pair of ankle boots, with a blazer on top, or a nice coat.

If you are going out on Sunday for Mother’s day and is still a bit chilly this look would be perfect.

I have also seen some lovely pieces on Etsy.

If you didn’t read my previous blog, it is about what you can by as gifts.

Also I have begun doing a monthly newsletter and the one I have written for March has a gift guide also:

It can be confusing what to wear, when it is lovely and sunny but still cold to wear just a jumper and trousers, and so I would say tailored casual look is a winner. It can depend where you are going and if it isn’t raining.

I would always prepare first and if you are meeting outdoors or inside.

I today put up a new What I like to wear video so please check out here.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/Mothers Day what I like to buy as gifts

So not far now and it will be Mother’s day and so this week I thought I would show items of fashion that can be given as gifts and one thing I have done, is bought a bag for each lady in my family with little gifts inside.

When it comes to clothes as gifts make sure if the items does not fit to keep the receipt, along with the original packaging.

The one thing I find easier is to buy accessorizes like a new hand bag, tote bag, and personalised product like a t-shirt.

This a example above, is a design that I found on the site I love to use, Funky Pigeon.

They do a lot of gifts like mugs, photos, with frames and stationary.

This one above is a T-Shirt I found on Etsy and have a look as they are a lot of items you can buy as gifts, and have different ones compared to the many clothes stores.


I found this lovely pinkie coloured hoodie on Etsy and one I would wear, and why not make a fashion hamper, with a hoodie, a personalised T-Shirt, a personalised mug, along with some slippers. Just that it is a gift put together personally from you, for your mum or even grandmum.

I love these style of bags and just a simple sweet one can be used to put some little gifts in with tissue paper with, nail file, Make up, tissues, a bank card holder, and just again make it personalised by attaching a keyring with a photo on it. I did that once and ordered them from Visitaprint, who do a lot of personalised items.

Why not take your mum out for some retail therapy and create a card/invitation to go shopping all expenses covered and then why not go for a drink and meal, afterwards, or book a hotel to go on a shopping trip in London.

I this weekend went to a musical, the Lion King and made a bit of an effort. Yet it was a good day out, so why not make a day of it and celebrate us mums for the hard work we do.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/One in one out

So I like to if you have read my blogs on this site, to rotate my clothes and when I buy items I will go through my clothes and see what I can pass on or dispose of. At the moment I am in need of some t-shirts and to prep for Spring and Summer but ones I can still where through the year.

Check out Shein and TK Maxx as they have good styles of T-shirts and going to do a haul this week filmed and I do create fashion videos, check out these links to my Youtube channels that features fashion and how I like to buy.



Check out this selection of T-Shirts that caught my eye:

The issue with Shein clothes such as T-Shirts can go out of stock so quickly so when you see them, then buy, and got rid of some boots I owned, and in a bad state disposed of.

Here are some t-shirts I liked on TK Maxx:

With TK Maxx, I buy in store and not online and you do have to search through the racks but still a go to and is one of my favourite High Street Stores.

A T-Shirt is always gonna be fashionable and H&M I will do a new shop with me soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/New InSites into Fashion/Clearing out

When it comes to fashion I get that eagerness to buy especially rediscovering H&M, New Look, TU Sainsbury’s and Oliver Bonas, but I have made a order on Shein as I looked in these stores today but waiting for their Spring Fashion to come in, as it still based on winter clothes and I have enough.

These are the items in H&M that caught my eye today and they did black trousers too if the light colour is not for you, and the Jacket reminds me of one I had as a kid and I had a Bros Picture on the back of it, which my Nan Sewed on me. Talking the 80’s.

The items I need is T-Shirts, Pyjamas, Socks and Knickers, and new bras. I am focussing on these items, because the washing machine has broken down, I also want to have a clear out and going to do a Spring Seasonal Clean up and go through my clothes as I have lost some weight and so gonna clear out my spring and summer items that no longer fit me.

I also am after a fitness jacket that go with the bottoms I wearing today from TU Sainsbury’s as I love them and so want a two piece of possible. Here below is the one I found that matches, but at Matalan.

I love fitness gear clothes and great for when I workout indoors and when out walking and wash well too, which is always a bonus.

When it comes to tops or jackets, because I am big on top I have to go a size up, but am 14 waist now and so going to have a sort through and set up a Vinted Account to sell them or if not give for recycle bin or a charity shop.

It is always good to go through my clothes and put different items together and if nothing doesn’t fit then good to give away to someone else.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary/A Windy Day Clothes

The jumper: I have been supporting jumpers this year and could buy loads but don’t have room for those, but when it is cold outdoors it is what attracts my eye.

Jumpers are my most favourite item and I live in them at the moment, and knitwear too. I have a found a lovely pink one in Sports Direct and so going to see if I can find it online to show you and see what you think. I already have a jumper in the colour but does that matter?

The second one you see next to the pink one, and found this one on Pinterest

The jumper is a safety net item for me, because I know I will always wear them.

I do still budget on these items, and is important to me, and is £50 and would not play over that amount, and for me I feel that you don’t have too.

Fifty pounds is the budget for all my clothes and I give myself a monthly allowance of £100 and so far is doing that has helped control me.

The Suit: I would love to have a suit again, I do have a black blazer and trousers but were bought without intention of having a suit, but when working corporate setting I would invest in having a few suits in m wardrobe. The one below I found on Pinterest and love the colour and would like to create a suit with the blazers I have and to make them into suit and by one that is together again.

Shoes: I could have a thousand pair for each part of the year and occasions. I now need new Knee high boots as my black ones I have shown in videos on my channel, fell apart so looking for a new set. These are my go to everyday or week and live in then like jumpers featured above and want a brown pair for next time. I also need to replace my DM’s from Amazon.

I looked in New look and they had these ones and gonna do a shop with me video soon, again on my main youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg/

Newlook have always been my go to to buy shoes and boots and last and very comfortable, and well in my budget and so will be my purchases for March and can be worn all year round.

So lets relish the weather and layer up the best and be fashionable at the same time.

Please leave a comment below of items you choose for those Windy days we have, and if you want to keep up to date with my blogs on this site you can by following me, and will be alerted once a new blog is published.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary: New Loves on the high street

So took sometime to shop in Epsom Shopping Centre went into Newlook and not bought anything from them for ages, so when I took a trip in there they had some lovely bits that I am planning on getting.

The first store is Newlook. I will do a shop with me video as I found some lovely items to go in my 2022 wardrobe and that is a pair of flared jeans, a small cardigan which will go well with a top I have in the colour.

Bright Pink Ribbed V Neck Cardigan

I could find the cardigan that I saw online, but they do a whole range and I love having a cardigan in my wardrobe because they can be worn all year round.

M&Co is a retailer I discovered whilst my mum was getting her hair done and a lovely coloured checked shirt, and very good if you have a low budget. I am not sure who many stores there are, but one I want to go back to, to have a proper look.

Spirit Bright Check Shirt

I would like to by another pair of fitness bottoms from Sainsbury’s and a new set of black trousers from M&S, and so check them out as you’ll see a lot of goodies.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Diary: Organize My Fashion and outfits

So I have used a storage bin of clothes to wear this week by my bed and this includes my black trousers from M&S, a dress from Shein, a vest top and a white blouse and a jumper I have been wearing.

I do wear the same thing for a few days, of course I change my underwear but if the jumper is clean I will wear it another day. I have purchased a new set of workout pants from Sainsbury’s TU because I love them see below, and love having clothes that I can layer up, and have a top from a charity shop, which is see through but worn it underneath a jumper, and because I am going to workout later got and have a sports bra on. I have had this sports bra for a good number years and it still fits which is a godsend, but Marks and Spencers do a great set of bras for working out and go up to H Cup.

Active Grey Marl Seam Free Leggings

The jumper I have on at the moment is from TK Maxx, and they do some great tops and is a top favourite store as I love searching through the racks and to find items in there. This one I found online, as I couldn’t find the one I have one but an example of the ones you can purchase which irritation free so won’t rub the skin and keeps me nice a warm.

Womens PETITE Snoopy Blue 'Be Happy' Sweatshirt | Tu clothing

This is (look above) from TU Sainsbury’s.

The other thing I make sure I do is rotate my clothes so they can all be worn and have items to grab and go, and I have talked about this in my other blogs:










I make sure I have all my leggins washed and roll them up so they don’t crease and the same with most of my clothes as well as hanging them, and feel I have enough items for me at the moment, but would like to one more set of fitness pants from TU Sainsbury’s because they can be worn all year round.

So more blogs to come and please check out my Newsletter that I created for January 2022 for more information of blogs I write and going to be doing.

Many thanks for reding,

Carrie X


Monday fashion/#fashiondiary Get Ready For this years fashion 2022

Today I went to have a look in Sainsbury’s TU Clothing range and purchased some new workout bottoms and got my son some bits too, and what like to do it get a few pieces together that wouldn’t normally go together, and been inspired by Trinny London, my MM Personalised Stylist and Sheerluxe.

Sainsbury's TU Clothing slashes 50 percent off in massive sale online and  in stores | Express.co.uk

I filmed a shop with me which will be uploaded on Wednesday on my phone and tomorrow gonna look in H&M as there are some pieces I have been looking at and their jumpers but thinking about waiting to see if they will have a sale on soon. A lot of retailers will start to want to winter clothes to be gone so they can bring in items for spring so if they do a sale, I will do a shop with me, so gonna check them out tomorrow.

I am gonna go through my shoe collection this week and see if there are any that I want to start wearing again soon. I do like my trainers, and this from someone who was even as a kid, loved wearing healed shoes, but not so much now.

Doing the school run has made me have items out ready, but want to get the most out of my clothes and shoes.

Now is the time to have a sort out and so want to go through my shoes and see what ones I can begin to wear to change my shoes I have go out, much more. I am going to share my items soon and go over outfits from my wardrobe.

I am going to go through the list of items I have written of what I want to buy next and I love wish lists and like to go through them as I often change my mind, and decluttering these lists can help your styling, as fashion is always evolving.

So do your list and what is the one item you want to add, you can comment below.

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Monday Fashion Blog/#MyFashionDiary

Hello, well for 2022 I am gonna take time off from doing #FashionLookBooks and wanted to write a diary about #Fashion and will be doing this once a week, and so I am now looking at the clothes I have and there are few clothes not worn yet so gonna do rotation of my clothes to wear them.

Free Photo | Rear view of a woman looking at clothes on rack in showroom

I do have a few items I want to purchase, one is a white and navy blue striped jumper and after a grey hoodie and another couple of polar necks as bought 3 already but because I love them so much (Check out amazon)so gonna purchase two more and that is my winter wardrobe for 2022.

Then it is spring and so the days will begin to be warm and looking forward to it and not having to wear so many layers, even though I do like the cosiness of winter clothes, but be good to be able to go outside without bulking up.

I do have clothes that can be worn all year like vest tops, dresses and shorts, but would like a few more dresses that can be worn all year.

I only have a few and be worn casually going with what I already have and that for me is important and also budget and save.

So what items do you need to add to your wardrobe you can leave a comment below.

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Carrie X


Thursday FLB/Investing in Clothes you know your gonna wear

Hello it is Thursday once again and this Thursday’s Fashion Look Book is about Investing in Clothes you know your gonna wear.

You will never catch me with hot pants but you will in a scarf that is like a blanket and hat that stays on and goes with my current fashion and wear when I have my hair up and in a jumper sipping a hot chocolate.

In the spring I start to down layer and saving my layers of clothing for summer and have plenty of vest tops and sleeveless tops.

I will never catch me wearing crop tops but items that keeps me cool but warm me up with an iced coffee, like a T-Shirt, jeans and a cardigan or blazer or one of my Denim Jackets.

I never used to drink Iced Coffee until last year and looking forward to drinking again.

1,001 Woman Drinking Iced Coffee Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

I will invest for the Spring some shorts but ones that suit my style and fits into my wardrobe and have a capsule Spring and Summer Wardrobe that is casual and dress up for them to be more versitile, hence the title of this blog and sandals and flip flops I know I am going to wear.

See the vision board I created for my first set of weekly Look Books for this blog site, last year, and grey and light pinks are my go to colours.

I will start to plan for my Spring and Summer wardrobe and go through my clothes to rotate them so I know they will get worn and that I can mix and match, which is important to me.

I would like more colours for bottoms and leggings. I wear leggings almost everyday and I am starting to have well worn ones with holes, so will need to be replaced as they are my go to and is the fashion I am ready to part money for.

So, yes invest in what you know you gonna wear a lot of and not stuck in your wardrobe still and if you have doubts then don’t invest until you don’t have doubts, and enjoy wearing.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Monday FLB, Everlasting Fashion

So what key pieces do you have in your wardrobe?

Well, this is the point of these blogs I like to write about and I do two blogs a week on this site sharing Weekly FLB (Fashion Look Books), on Monday’s and Thursday’s to help you get the most out of the fashion you have in your wardrobe and build a capsule wardrobe that will last you for decads to come.

There are some real good pieces that can last you forever.

This contains an image of: 90𝒔 𝑭𝑨𝑺𝑯𝑰𝑶𝑵 𝑩𝑳𝑶𝑮

So found this style on Pinterest and the two pieces like jackets and blazers with matching skirt is stylish and can be worn casually with a pair of pump, brogues or ballet type shoes or even a sandle.

It is good to have items you can layer up with and in the summer rather then layering have a nice spart vest top with the two piece suit.

Sometimes I wish stores would pair clothes up rather than buying the blazer and skirt separately.

Tops and jeans, of different styles for me I do like jeggings and bootcut style denim jeans and I love my three Denim Jackets and if looked after can be worn for many years to come. One tip buy a size up as some shrink and not washed too much will be everlasting and Denim will never go out of fashion, well for me that is. I hope some of you agree.

The leggings, socks and trainers is my kind of style and wore those today and have a few pairs of trainers and because I love them. As a small kid and for a long time I was all about the heal, but now my go to and would not live without.

I live in my leggings and some I have lasted me for ages and stress free when it comes to getting ready each day and will never grow old as far as I am concerned.

So what everlasting items do you have and what are your go to pieces each day. Please leave a comment below.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Gloves, Coats, Bags and Scarfs

So today whilst I got off the bus I checked out Oliver Bonas were doing a sale on their scarfs and one of them was like beigy brown and orange colour was £35 now £20, so hoping this will continue and so going to pick up one.

Honeycomb Camel Brown & Pink Scarf

I also checked a charity shop, the British Heart Foundation and a white bag price at £8.99 that I may pick this up tomorrow or keep my eye on it, and see if the price goes down.

When shopping be vigliant on the items you want as often they will now as we move into spring have a sale on their Autumn and Winter items.

Here is a tote bag that Oliver Bonas do and in store they had a black and gold cloth bag like this one for £12.50.

Love Heart Pink Fabric Shopper Bag | Oliver Bonas

I know their prices are high on items but often to get quality spending that bit extra can go a long way and often the sales aren’t frequent so it is good to get in when you can.

If you need a good hat I love mine from amazon that I bought last year and love it. The pompom at the top of it is attachable and for me it is a collective item.

Sponsored Ad – SATINIOR Unisex Winter Warm Anti-Slip Touchscreen Gloves, Soft Stretch Cable Knit Beanie (Wine Red, Hat wit...

Then there is a coat and mine is from BHS in the Dorothy Perkins section and was a Christmas present and still have it and I love it.

Dorothy Perkins grey Coats - Women´s Coats, Jackets • Differenta.com

This one is from Dorothy Perkins at is about £30, but because many stores are closed down in the UK, it is available in other countries, but Boohoo, Amazon and Debenhams as they are selling items online do gray coloured coats and at afforable prices.

So, I hope this helps you with your wardrobe and what to invest in and there will be more to come.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Monday look book/Chic Fashion

cheap -Women's A Line Dress Short Mini Dress White Black Gold Long Sleeve Solid Color Sequins Fall One Shoulder Casual 2022 S M L XL / Loose

Off the should tops and dresses: These are very stylish and have a couple of tops and jumpers like that from Amazon, and can be worn all through the year when out and if you are having parties now and want something that can be worn for many occasions is a good investment and make sure it washes well and doesn’t lose its glimmer.

Polka Dot Crew Neck Knee Length Shift Dress Image 2 of 5

Polka Dots: I love a polka a dot and have tops and dresses with polka dots on them and been looking for somewhere to where them as they are stylish and again can be worn casually and stylish like in this image above, with a pair of white plimsols like shoe and with boots in the winter and autumn, then summer when the nights are light again and picture this when going to the races with a hat or a fascinator.

The suit: I like a suit and can be worn without working in an office. Some employers wouldn’t like the shorts, but can still be worn in the summer and winter with a pair of DM’s and replaced with a skirt, a pair of jeans or trousers to go with it and different type tops, shirts, sleeveless tops and jumpers and so very versitile and check laundry requirements so they can be washed easily.

LA DOUBLEJ Big tiered printed cotton-poplin maxi skirt

The long Maxi skirt and dresses: I have one of these in a pink colour which I bought when I went on an Iberia Cruise and visited Lisbon, when there was a little market and did have others when I went to see Strictly Come Dancing Semi Final but didn’t feel I’d wear it again and now wished I had kept them.

The showing in highly expensive but is a style I would wear, and can be worn with boots or sandals and yes gonna get mine as it don’t wear it a lot, but is a treat when I do.

So I hope you liked this blog, please comment on your Chic items you’d recommend and many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Thursday Look Book/Wrapping up for the cold that can be worn in the summer

So yesterday I was having trouble with this blog site I write about Fashion, but looks like it is good today.

I don’t have to say it, if you live in the UK and in London the Coldness has arisen again and so means wrapping up warm, and wearing different layers to keep ourselves warm.

Sleeveless polar neck jumpers are good investment because these can be worn without layers underneath and be layered with a shirt of a long sleeved vest and be snug as a bug.


With these though when it comes to washing them always check the directions on the clothing label and keep note of them if you remove the label from the clothing. I would wash it on delicates or thinthletics and no higher that 40 degrees.

Story Pin image

The skirt. I have two or three in my possession a cream, red checked like in this picture and maroon leather skirt and love them as I can team them up with black tights, a nice shirt on top with a jumper and sleeveless polar neck tops and a pair of knee high, ankle boots and then in the summer, ballet style shoes or sandals.

9 of the Coolest Women I Follow Just Shared Their Spring Buys With Me

The oversized coat and jumpers have come into style yet I have been dressing up like this for years and makes me feel right at home.

I love investing in oversized jumpers and coats because when even in the summer when it is cold in the evening, you can put these on and stop you from shivering if you have been in a pub all evening where it is warm.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}

The knew high boot and I have a blacl pair from Amazon which I love wearing and great staple to have in my wardrobe. I find it hard to find a good pair, as I do have big carves but once I find a good decent pair I like to wear them to death and makes many outfits stylish and look crisp with many tops and styles and when it is warm where with a denim skirt and a t-shirt for example.

So sorry that this blog is a day late but glad to have it up and running as there is more to come on this site and all the images I have saved on my own Pinterest account and check it out below. If you’d like to be kept up to date of my blogs on this site then remember to follow me and like if you did like this post.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Monday Look Book/My Colours I love to wear

I am talking light pinks, grey, red, white, navy blue and peach colours.

Above is an example of the colours and add black into it. I do try to stay clear of black, as I like to add nice colours to my wardrobe. The top I have had for a long time and I love it. I can’t remember where I bought it but was a good purchase.

I love these jumpers I bought this year, one is from TU Sainsbury’s and the other from TK Maxx. I love TK Maxx and bought some new items from their today. It is my go to store and will even visit the store when I don’t buy anything, I love to check what goodies in terms of fashion they have.

You do often have to hunt but is a top favourite.

I love grey and these are grey leggings from Amazon and love their fashion collection and purchased a new pink polar neck top as I bought a white and black one and loved them and fit and wash so well that I wanted another as it does seem that in London to be getting colder. It has been quite warm for London this week and great for wrapping up for when the weather gets colder.

The trainers are also Amazon and the black lace vest is from Unglo.

This is a top from Very which comes with a white vest top underneath but is a lovely top I like to wear and all year round and I am a lover of light pink and is my go to colour.

I did have favourite outfits and these are what I have loved wearing this year and will be adding more blogs about my clothes I have. Coming up I will be on my Youtube channel typicallondongal start doing Fashion talk videos and so when I do I will let you know.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Thursday Look Book/Items I would like to add and vision boards using Pinterest

Hello so I have begun to create ideas of fashion I would like in the new year and one is a Pink Polar neck, new baige colour hooded fleece from H&M and a pair of new pink trainers from amazon replacing some shoes I have worn out.

Hoodie - Light beige - Ladies | H&M GB
STAR FASHION Womens Polo Neck ROLL Neck Turtle Neck Plain Jumper TOP Lightweight Long Sleeve Pullover
Women’s Running Shoes Fashion Sports Sneakers for Walking,Hiking,Training

I also miss having a bumbag and want to go through my shoes as there are items I no longer care for and still like but to be worn.

The Polar neck is on amazon and bought two early December and love them and worn them religously, differently a good purchase and the trainers too, as the two pairs I already have again worn a lot and just want another pair cause they are easy to put on and like casual looking days.

So what do you plan for the next year ahead? I would like any recommendations of stores you know of that you’ve shopped from and what goodies they do.

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Check out my vision board on Pinterest, I love doing this each year of looks I like and has other content on there too, so check it out here:

Pinterest is brilliant to create a vision board for fashion and I love different looks you can find that will grow my wardrobe to the point I have plenty I can wear without breaking the budget.

I like clothes that last for a longtime and can be worn through the year, and more look books to come for 2022.

Happy new year,

Carrie X


Monday Fashion Look Book/Investing in fashion

When it comes to fashion it is important to buy key items that will help get the most out of it. I like having a selection of tops, bottoms and accessories, like a shoulder bag, a backpack and a bumbag.

The other thing is underwear. In my fashion collection I need to buy new bras as the wire in my ones have come out and so now don’t fit me correctly, so I have two bras to get rid of to add a new set.

This is how to invest in fashion, having a good set of underwear. I like the bras now that are elasticated and fit really well and bought some from TK Maxx and Amazon, and they do fit but the padding in the cups can move arround. So I am after 2 new bras of skin colour and either black or white.

SIMIYA Super Comfort Bra, Womens Sports Bras Removable Pads Plus Size Sleep Bras for Girls in Yoga Bralette Leisure Stretc...

The new bras will be underwired again as the elacticated ones are good but the padding moves around and so have to keep making sure the padding is in the right place and not doubled up.

I would like to be measured again and so going to see if this is available to find out and see if the items will fit.

I am after another polar neck in a light pink as I have so much of this colour and great to have underneath clothing to wrap when it is cold outside.

STAR FASHION Womens Polo Neck ROLL Neck Turtle Neck Plain Jumper TOP Lightweight Long Sleeve Pullover-Black-16-18 Baby Pink, Opens in a new tab

These items are from Amazon who I love and I love their range of fashion.

I also want to get a hodded fleece I have seen in H&M for next years winter wardrobe for myself. If they fit well will buy one as a birthday present.

A bumbag is great alternative to me than carrying around shoulder bag all the time and going to invest in a new one, as unable to find my one I had from Boots and one I bought from TKMaxx. There is so many shapes and sizes but one that can fit purse, keys and phone, aswell as Sanitizer and hand cream when on the go.

FREETOO Bum Bag Waist Fanny Pack for Men Women Waist Bag with 6 Zipped Pockets Waterproof Bumbag for Dog Walking Running H...

The shoulder bag I using one I bought from the Charity shop and looked around some I have local to me and I love buying from Charity shops and giving to good courses whilst I look for those hidden treasures.

So what do you like to invest in, I’d love to hear.

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Many thanks for reading

Carrie X


T-Shirt, Coats and Handbags

I love a T-shirt but a lot of them become bedshirts instead and why I invest in them. The ones I choose have to have a logo, an image or be patterned I rarely do plain as talked about in other blogs, on this site.

Lets talk about Christmas ones, I have two that I have invested in and will by a new one in the sale after Christmas for next year and will last me for several Christmases. Well that is the plan and good way to save yourself so much money.

Mens Womens Ladies Adults Unisex Novelty Christmas Xmas T-Shirt Top Tee Festive Gift UK

This one is from amazon and along with other blogs do some great ones along with Shein and TU Sainbury’s. This year these have been my go to stores for clothes and would like to look in Primark for ones too.

I like having Christmas fashion only if it lasts me and don’t wear after just one year, for me that is a waste of money. Then it is the coat, and I have a grey one which was purchased in Dorothy Perkins and I love it, and you a lovely red cardigan with a coat is for me a lovely styled with the coat. It all depends where you shop and the style of it.

Women's Trench Coat Street Daily Valentine's Day Fall Winter Long Coat Regular Fit Windproof Warm Elegant Casual Streetwear Jacket Long Sleeve Solid

This coat is from Lightinabox which is a retailer I spotted this year and really plan to do a purchase next year as I loving their styles and this red coat could be worn on remembrance Sunday aswell as christmas and before the weather gets warmer and I hope it looks as good as it does in the picture above.

I would like to invest in a red coat, it is a colour I love and really suits me and it just adds a lot of colour and is stylish.

Then handbags, I don’t really buy a bag just for the one season but that will last me decades and did have a red handbag once, and I loved it as it was a lovely bag in my possession and would invest in one again.

Women Purses Satchel Handbags Ladies Designer Top Handle Tote Bag PU Leather Bag

This one is from Amazon and they do some really good collections of bags and bag sets and I purchased two because they were so good to have and this bag is perfect for all year round and again if you have plain dark or light colours this one will look so stylish and I love colour and this one is one I’d invest in.

So, this is the last look book before Christmas and the next one will be Monday once Christmas is all over, so see you then.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Fashion Look Book/New finds on Amazon

Hello and welcome to another Fashion look book that I like to do every Monday and Thursday.

Since my last blog I have found some fashionable goodies on Amazon.

So to start I am talking shoulder bags and Animal print bags, and found this one on Amazon, which is on clearance and going to add to my wish list for next year.

Ladies Bags Sale Clearance ,Women Leopard Print Crossbody Bag Fawn Pendant Shell Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag Shoulder Messe...

I love the detail on this bag and already having a tote bag bought from Avon really would like this in my collection.

I own a few shoulder bags already but have one that is starting to wear and tare so want to replace it and have this bag instead.

I have also found a nice multi coloured scarf which I features in a new amazon video I did showing some of their goodies and loved this one and was on my Thursday look book.

The scarf you on the right above was in the everything under £20 and thought this would really be a compliment with the what I have in my wardrobe and last me a long time.

I love a pair of good trainers and I will do a video on my Youtube channel of my shoe collection this year that will lead me to the next, and foun these ones on amazon at around £32

Women’s Running Shoes Fashion Sports Sneakers for Walking,Hiking,Training

The pair I have from amazon like the above are so comfortable and stylish, great for mums on the go especially when we return in doing the school run.

Then this leads me to slippers and like these ones current price £16.99, and love this style as they would last a long time.

Dunlop Womens Slippers, Open Back Felt Ladies Slippers, Indoor Outdoor Anti Slip House Slippers Size 4-8

I have owned slippers and would like a new pair and these would be great with my night wear and those lazy days indoors.

Its all about matching what you already have in your wardrobe and have items that are going to last a lifetime.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Thursday Look Book/Bags of fashion

Hello and welcome! This is my Look Book for Thursday and mixing fashion with skincare and beauty in this blog.

These items I showed on an Amazon video which is a gift guide video and features some of these items on there, and items from Shein, and with these sites can create as gifts for different people or use for inspiration of how to make gifts like fashion different.

Why not make a fashion style hamper with these goodies. A have bought bags in the passed as gifts and have been very well received.

I am in the hunt of a new bag and been checking out stores including charity shops which I love buying items from.

The coat has been a gift received and gone with the person to choose coat and will last a lifetime. I love having a coat in my possession as it makes outfits look chic even if you are normally a casual person.

Adding some skincare if you know they use these brand of products, and Baylis and Harding a very popular brand and love their skincare range, and so when it is on offer in terms of shower gels and lotions a must.

A scarf is a popular gift and I would love to go to Liberty’s and treat myself as I find when looked after well can last a long time and great again with a coat and makes you look like you are chic and tailored, and great for popping to a Christmas market and with make up can still look classy.

So, I hope you are enjoying these lookbooks and if you want to check out more content then check out my Pinterest:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Monday Look Book/Casual Fashion for all year round

Hello and welcome to another Versitile fashion blog. This week I was inspired by this look:

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}

I found it via Pinterest and it is the Women Casuals, and what would be good stylish look that can be worn at different times, to meet up with people, going if you have kids a playdate, or to smooch around the shops, feeling warm and cozy.

The thing I like about this time of year, Autumn and Winter 2021, to feel comfy and a woman on the mission and want easy picking clothes that can still dressed up or down, with adding jewellery, a bit of make up and great for a capsule wardrobe.

I picture this look with sandals and flip flops where it isn’t super hot or super cold, but if a bit chilly can lower the layers you need to wear for each season you could wear these clothes.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}

If you like wearing a crop top to make it more summerfied when it comes to that time, then wear it, again great for on the go and having to travel a lot, like I do, and its good to feel good in your clothes when doing the school run or rushing to get to the office.

This is a lady who works from home, and to smarten it add a blazer or a tailored coat.

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}

I love this look and going to attempt this look on Christmas day as I do have shows like in this video to wear and one I would love to wear when going out on the tiles again, unless we have another lock down, and really hope that many music festivals will be open next year.

I do have a a collection of blazers and would like to have more, as they really make casual stylish and again very versitile look for the whole year.

This Jeans Trend Keeps Trying to Come Back, Here's Proof It's On the Rise

The classic look of a white shirt and jeans. Always a winner and if it is good shirt and jeans they can be worn for a lifetime and never be out of style, and this is work from home to will a set of heals a boot or a sandal will really jazz up if nightlife is going ahead.

So this is my pick for today’s book and more to come on thursday so see you then.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Thursday Fashion Look Book/Outfits you can wear now and in the summer time

Hello! So if you didn’t know Christmas is here, we have all seen it and the shops are getting busy and lots of people getting out and completing their Christmas shopping including myself, just got a few more gifts to get and that will be it.

I want to film some of what I have bought this year in a youtube video, so when I do I will link it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

So this look book is Christmas fashion that can be worn in the summer aswell.

So this caught my attention straight away and is an off the shoulder animal print top from shein and is £11.49 a real bargain and can’t wait to do an order from this store again, as the clothes a good to wear and good value for money.

To style it for the winter, youb could wear it as it is in the picture, but also with normal skinny black trousers, with some knee high boots or ankle type boots.

In the summer some white trousers with sandals and again wear these for Christmas and the summer also and also flip flops when it is warm enough to wear these again.

The sparkly dress a definite as you can wear these with skin colour tights or dark colour, such as black and is from Boohoo from £18 and I have a jumper dress from Boohoo and love it and so Boohoo clothes do last and a store I love to check out.

For the summer some sparkly Berkinstocks shoes or sandals.

When worn in Christmas sandals too but of course using a fask fur jacket to go over the top to stay warm.

The classic shirt and trousers and from Boohoo again and is for the blouse at £16.00, but classy and for the winter boots, and with the trousers, a pair of sandals or professional healed type shoes if working in a corporate office, but for a Christmas party also. In the summer tie the shirt at the bottom without being tucked in like in the picture.

Cold shoulder tops. This one is from Chic-me £19.00 and I love the colour. Not sure if it will suit me but still eye catching and worn with trousers boot cut or skinny and worn with boots, ballet style shoes or a pair of lovely sparkly gold detail flip flops or sandals.

I love picking items that will last me for the year, hence why I create this blog site to help you get the most out of the wardrobe.

I will be creating a vision board on my Pinterest of items I want to add to my wardrobe next year and what I would to clear from my wardrobe.

So many thanks for reading, and see you on Monday.

Carrie X


Monday Look Book/The Christmas outfit for mums on the go

Hello and welcome to a new blog! This blog is sharing The Christmas outfit for mums always on the go and running around getting those Christmas goodies and want to look stylish and ready for the day of cheers and laughter.

So I picture glitz and trousers or that one piece like a dress with some sandaled shoes and for that party dress. I have my Christmas dress for this year, bought from Wish and they do have some good choices, so worth checking. I bought the dress last year but never got to wear it so my choice, and hopefully will last years.

So I did this from my previous look books I did this year and so the tops I picked are getting away from too much black as I love colours and adding a different colour to your wardrobe can be a keepsake piece and be worn for all year around and go well with the knee high boots I chose, and the dress is one I included the summer of this year.

If you wanted to find such tops and dresses the top stores I’d choose is Very, Shein, TU Sainsbury’s, Wish and H&M.

There are more stores I’d like to check out, and when I do I will let you know.

I found a few tops on River Islands fashion. Not a retailer I have ever bought clothes from but would like to revisit these stores for my wardrobe for 2022.

So have wonderful week, and not rushing too much and see you on thursday which will be more looks and clothes you can wear all year round.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Thursday Fashion Look Book/Christmas gift ideas

Hello yes we are now in December. No really? Yes! So this blog is about Christmas gift ideas, and I have bought clothes for other people and kids when choosing gifts but often you may not see it again.

You know when people are just being polite by over emphasising their thank you, “Oh great I wanted one of the those?” and then that’s it and never see it being worn, so first

tip#1 Get to grips with the persons style and colours they love to wear.

Collection Different Colorful Dress Mannequin Photos - Free & Royalty-Free  Stock Photos from Dreamstime

I am not saying don’t take a risk, as often its because they never taken a chance to see if a certain colour in terms of clothing will suit them or not, but still keeping it to their style and you know you are gonna see them wear it.

Often they will wear it once to just to show they are thankful and then never seen again for another year and see it as clutter.

tip#2 A scarf is always a winner and I love buying a new scarf every year and like them to last me a lifetime and that is to put them away in closed draws instead of being in a wardrobe.

Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com

Yes I like items that give me my monies worth and not have holes in them, and like to keep them until they have become worn and even then I may not.

tip#3 The cardigan. My love of life when in my wardrobe and always happy to have a one and is a must for me each year and there are so many styles, but a knitted one that is not itchy some can be, a good investment.

Photo by Nida on Pexels.com

I was so lucky as a kid having to grandparents who like to knit because as kids ours were homemade and I loved them.

If you like knitting why not do the same and gifts made by hand can be so much more personal.

tip#4 Have a sort in our wardrobe of anything you don’t wear and then hand it down to someone who might and make it into a gift.

697 Clothing alterations Stock Photos, Clothing alterations Images |  Depositphotos®

I love watching people alter clothes and you can do the same. I remember ultering as a kid a pair of jeans I had into denim shorts and changing buttons on a coat or blouse for example just make it brand new, get a box and tissue paper and it is a perfect gift.

The other idea is to do the same with bags and scarfs.

So there will be more to come and I am so glad to be able to say Merry Christmas.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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